A Guide to Picking the Best Composite Decking Colours for Melbourne Homeowners

Melbourne is a city of gardens, which can be a riot of colours in summer with foxgloves and marigolds. The summer months are from December and last till February, when the maximum temperatures could go beyond 30 degrees Celsius. In the coastal parts of Melbourne, views will be different, and in some homes, decks may be lined with trees which will prevent too much light from entering. All these should be taken into consideration while choosing a colour that would seamlessly merge your deck into its surroundings.

A deck will be attached to the house but surrounded by the garden. Deck colours can be chosen to match the house to which it is attached or to match its surroundings. Melbourne Composite Decking will be a permanent structure, the colour of which cannot be changed. On the other hand, the outside ambience and colours will change based on seasons or the changing preferences of the homeowner.

However, house owners can find satisfaction in the fact that as composite decking technology advances, the colour options in it are also increasing. Given below are some of the best colour choices when it comes to composite decking.

Charcoal black

Black is not considered a beautiful colour by many, but it makes a bold statement and makes the surrounding colours stand out well by providing a contrasting backdrop for them. So, a black composite deck can be an excellent background for the furniture on it or the flowers surrounding it. Black will be good also for a deck fringed by big trees because its green foliage and brown barks will segue well with black. As a standalone colour also, charcoal black is good.


Antique is a dual-tone colour, and because of this characteristic, is very suitable for a middle colour that can seamlessly connect the house with its outdoor ambience. Because the colour incorporates two tones, it is ideal for decks attached to old buildings as well as those which are comparatively new ones, built in modern patterns. As it is a neutral colour, it will not damage the general aesthetic appeal even if the house gets repainted later or the garden gets redesigned.


Grey is also a neutral colour but is a light colour that can contrast well with the dark green of the surroundings. It can also be used besides other darker colours like rust, green, burnt orange, etc. on a deck to give a perfect contrast because these are the colours that may be used in edging trims or other decking accessories like decking lights, subframes, fixings, and more. Grey also gives a contemporary feel.

Light oak teak

Most people prefer composite decking for their decks these days, but many still like the appearance of wood. For such people, light oak teak is a good choice because it gives the perfect wood finish. The decking boards have two sides and the outer embossed one with wood finish can be light oak teak while the inner or lower side of the engraved groove can be of a lighter hue. The two-colour combination can be very attractive for a deck, even though the colours may fade a little, after some time, due to continuous exposure to elements of nature.

Chocolate brown

Chocolate brown is quite close to the colour of the wood. Being very much like the colour of walnut or ebony, it gives an old-world charm to a deck. Colours like beige, white, cream, etc. work well with chocolate brown, a vibrant orange being a very good contrast to it.

Mixing colours

If a deck is picture-framed, that is, if there is a protective edge around the deck, there is a better opportunity for using contrasting composite decking colours for the floor and the edge. And when these edges have mitred corners or fluted mouldings, it adds to the aesthetics of the deck, and gives more opportunities for using different colours.


Many factors should be kept in mind while deciding the deck colour. And those who want tables and bookshelves and chandeliers on their decks should think about how the furniture colours will contrast with that of the deck.

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