Worlds Top 5 Skiing Destinations

Whether you are in for skiing as a hobby or professionally, you can’t deny that skiing can be so obsessive, it can easily become a way of life. Skiing is one of those sports, which pushes you to explore and travel, since not everybody has a ski slope anywhere near them. So there you have it, the sport which has originated in ancient times is still around, combining two of the most intriguing subjects for most people – traveling and staying fit, without staying in a fitness, plus you’re getting that extra adrenaline and excitement you need.

shutterstock_281075918Best places to go skiing in the World

Maybe you are wondering, which place to go skiing next? 1. Whistler Blackcomb, Canada – the biggest ski spot in Northern America, the resort has even hosted a part of the 2010’s Winter Olympics. 2. St. Anton, Austria – one of the World’s finest, St. Anton is located in the Austrian Alps, one of the most beautiful mountains in the World. 3. Verbier, Switzerland – snowy all year round. 4. Zakopane, Poland – one of the best and most cheap ski resorts in the World. 5. Lavigno, Italy – again located in the great Alps, offering ski slopes over 110 km. in length! Lavigno is a young’s people destination, combine the visit with

Staying fit has never been so exciting

If you think about it for a second, skiing is one of those sports, which can offer the ultimate mix of adrenaline, travel and sports. Going new places, communicating with new and different culture, gazing at the beauty and glory of the mountains and riding down the ski slope – that is what skiing is all about. Buying some low cost flight tickets, splitting your travel with a friend and renting a pair of skis, if you don’t own one, can make skiing way less expensive then you think. The benefits of this ancient practice will definitely bring you a new look to the World.