Top 5 Leisure & Tourism Degrees To Consider In Great Britain

There are many good reasons to choose a degree in leisure and tourism. You could be interested in providing the resources and entertainment for people on holiday, or travelling, or simply have a knack for service. From managing sports stadiums to working at Disneyland, or any other popular holiday destination, career prospects in these industries are numerous. Just as plentiful are the places where you can study and specialise. Degrees usually last three years and offer a broad range of career paths, once the final exams are passed and you start looking for work.

shutterstock_227709310Choose Your University Wisely

Universities to consider in Britain are – 1: Loughborough is about 90 minutes from London and was the U.K’s first technological University. Loughborough offers leisure and tourism degrees and comes highly recommended by students. 2: Surrey’s University, which is also highly ranked, has recently had over £15 million pounds invested into its library. Research at this university is considered ‘world-leading’ by many in academia. 3: Oxford is renown throughout the world, and one of Britains oldest Universities. They offer many different degree programs in these subjects, although highly competitive to get into, they are very rewarding for students. Oxford also offers a beautiful historic city to enjoy in a leisurely way.

Perhaps the Green Countryside of Birmingham?

4: Strathclyde University in Glasgow is ranked next in line, favourably reviewed for precise programmes. Here you can also enjoy the wonders of Glasgow, a transforming city, bustling with new business, art and culture. Strathclyde has a very diverse range of students applying to their courses. 5: Birmingham University, situated on over 200 acres of countryside, near to the city, but with the tranquillity of nature. It is another strong contender for degrees in these fields and comes highly recommended by students and teachers alike. Choose any one of these five halls of learning for your degree in leisure or tourism in Great Britain, and you won’t be disappointed.