Takeing A Break-On-A-Budget While Studying

Being a student is hard, most of the time is either spent at the university or working a part time job, giving you very little room for breaks. Even when you can finally find some time to relax, you may feel like you aren’t able to afford going away somewhere nice. Taking a break doesn’t actually have to be expensive and can be actually done with a very small amount of money. Here we will show you a few budget friendly options, to make sure you will get, that well deserved rest you need.

shutterstock_178353305Going away on a budget

If you don’t fancy the hassle of travelling far for your holiday, you can opt for a Staycation, the UK offers plenty of different amazing places to see. Lastminute.com shows you all of the best offers for cheap, last minute hotels. They even offer City Breaks, if you fancy going somewhere new in the UK or futher away for a long weekend. Another website to check out for flights, hotels and tours is studentuniverse.com, as they offer a variety of deals designed for students on a budget. For more information you can always check out schoolapply.co.in.

But breaks can be free too

There are actually plenty of ways for students to travel for free. A cultural exchange and study scheme, for example, is a great way to explore somewhere far away for free, as these types of trips can be government funded. If you fancy a ‘work’ break, you can always look for jobs on farms or with charities, as these will most likely cover costs for flights and accomodation and even a payment. Of course, ‘work’ breaks might not be the rest you were looking for, but they can offer you a break from your day-to-day life.