Breaking Down the Holiday Cost

Money talks in all areas of life and it doesn’t shy away from being all over one’s holiday plans. In fact it can hound one’s holiday if they are not careful to plan accordingly. The best way to plan a holiday budget is by breaking down all one needs in that time and the corresponding cost then getting a grand total. Here are the main expenditure points on a holiday.

Travel and Transportation Cost

Transportation is a mandatory expense on a holiday. It starts with the air fare and the airport related charges like parking fees, checked baggage fees and airpotravel-1038095_960_720rt transfers, if any. Transportation costs will depend on the kind of transportation one opts for. It could be a rental car which will then include gas and parking costs. One can also utilize public transportation which can be rail or road transport like buses.

Accommodation and Meal Costs

Accommodation is the next most important expense point. Here, one needs to assess the total amount based on the duration of stay. Meals should also be factored in the budget. If one is staying in a full board hotel, then little goes into this cost, though it is next to impossible to have all meals in a hotel if one is moving about. Factor this cost in as well as the miscellaneous tips given to staff.

Touring Activities

Enough activities are entailed in a holiday experience and they all need to be catered for financially. Having a specific budget helps one not to overspend as this is one of the areas one can easily overspend in. Some of the activities to include here are tours costs, entrance fees to parks and other areas, and any entertainment activities like enjoying night life.

Other extra costs would include phone charges, insurance and legal document charges, medication, and luggage charges. This is not an exhaustive list as it is wholly dependent on a holiday traveler. It does, however, make for an example of a breakdown.